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flythissim touch trainer visx (faa approved)

General Information

The TouchTrainer is a flight simulator that has the widest range of avionics, autopilots, and instrumentation available which provide an in-depth learning experience.
FAA certified Basic Aviation Training Device (BATD) approved to log time towards a private pilot certificate or an instrument rating.

Load any scenario in any conditions including day, night, IFR, VFR, wind, and rain.

Experience engine and avionics failures beyond what can be accomplished in an airplane.


Fly any aircraft in our fleet including Cessna, Piper, and Cirrus airframes with swappable controls.
Practice radio communications through the use of PilotEdge which adds ATC functionality allowing you to talk to real people- most of them either current or retired air traffic controllers.


Additional information

With the TouchTrainer you can train quicker and learn more efficiently than ever before, saving you money and time.

Walk-ins welcome but appointments are recommended.
Available Monday thru Friday 9am – 5pm. Saturdays 9 – 3pm. Available hours outside of these times are dual instruction and by appointment only.


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