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Your Flight Path to Success

11-month pilot career program

Ignite Flight Academy is a Premier Flight School in Lincoln, Nebraska Empowering Pilots through Comprehensive Training & Support

Ignite Your Passion and Take Flight

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Pro Pilot
11-Month Program

Train to become a career pilot in less than one year. We’ll take you from zero time to Multi-Engine Instructor.

Airline Partners

Big Academy Advantages. Small School Feel.

Experience all the resources of a large academy without feeling like a "number."

New Facility

Dedicated facility designed specifically for flight training.

Student Life

Experience potlucks/BBQs and a collaborative environment that helps you succeed.

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One Priority

Flight training is not just something we offer — it is our sole focus.

"What I've always wanted to do is build the flight school that I wish would have been there for me. We love what we do and we want people to succeed in it without all the barriers."

– Bill Heckathorn, President and Owner of Ignite Flight Academy



Pilots statistically have the highest job satisfaction, longevity, and most of all, fun at their job.


Aircraft cockpits offer the best "office views" available.


Average weekly working hours of a commercial airline pilot in the USA is 25 hours.

Actually GET PAID

They actually pay you to fly sweet aircraft and travel the world.


You can expect excellent job security both in the short and long term in your pilot career.

We Believe
Aviation Transforms Lives
for the Better.

Hear from our Chief Flight Instructor.


Ignite Flight Academy has trained hundreds of pilots and our team would love to help you achieve your dream and new career.

We have another CFI on our hands! Congratulations Kevin on this huge accomplishment!
New Merch Alert! Now you can rep your favorite flight academy wherever you go. Stop by our facility to pick up one of our new hats, available in three different styles!
It is a beautiful day for flying, and it was especially a great day for Cody! Congratulations on securing your commercial license today! ✈️
Congratulations Josh on all your hard work and officially becoming a private pilot today! 
Here at Ignite, first solos are a big deal! Congrats Austin for working hard and accomplishing this today!
Great job, Bryan for acing his multi engine checkride today! It's a huge accomplishment!
A HUGE congratulations to Steve for passing his checkride! 🎉
A huge congratulations to Chris for passing his checkride!
First Solo at Ignite✔️
Congrats Tom!
Huge congrats to Jacob for acing his instrument check ride today! 🎉

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