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An introductory flight lesson is essentially your first flight lesson. Experience the excitement of trying your hands at a few basic flight maneuvers with an instructor. It gives you an opportunity to get into the sky to see what flight training and being in an airplane is all about.

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There are several options to choose from, including how long your flight will last and the type of aircraft you will experience.

  • Introductory Flight Lesson in a Cessna 172 Skyhawk – $300.00
    This flight is essentially a first training lesson. Experience the excitement of trying your hands at a few basic flight maneuvers with an instructor. Roughly one hour flight.
  • Any Other Gift Certificate Amount At Your Discretion

Yes. Introductory Flight Lessons are as hands on as you would like and do count towards pilot certification.

We can schedule an Introductory Flight Lesson 6 days a week at nearly any time that works for you. You will need to make a reservation as reservations are by appointment only. Call our office at (402) 475-8400 to schedule at your convenience.

Seeing as there is no minimum age at which an individual can learn to fly there is also no minimum age at which an individual can do an introductory flight. To have the best experience and enjoy flying it is often recommended for this individual to be tall enough to reach the floor pedals and see the road outside of the windshield of a car.

The purpose of an introductory flight lesson is experience what it is like to learn a few initial maneuvers and tasks flying the aircraft. While bringing along a friend or family member isn’t prohibited it is strongly encouraged that the customer arrive at the airport on their own so they can focus on the instruction they receive and learn.

You are not required to bring anything special to the airport on the day of your reservation to go flying aside from the gift certificate if you have one.

For cold weather days, our aircraft have cabin air heaters just like automobiles. For warm weather days, fresh air is vented into the aircraft’s cabin and temperatures at altitude are cooler than at ground level.

The number one reason we cancel flights is because of excessive wind, which is also the most difficult weather events to predict. Often, cancellations will occur within a few hours of the flight reservation. Our instructors are very good at understanding aviation weather reports and they want  you to experience the best of aviation with good visibility and smooth air. If weather won’t play nicely with us, the flight instructors will call to let you know and help you to reschedule the flight.

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